Igniting Change (formerly Pilotlight Australia) is purposely small, but with a network of extraordinary pro bono supporters, including our board, our website builders, creative writers, database wizard, legal eagles, financial advisers and administrative supporters. Our extended family enables the core team to stay small.


Jane Tewson

Working at the forefront of social change for over 30 years, Jane is driven by her passion for social justice and the need to reshape the charity sector. She believes in working with people rather than giving to them, 

opening channels for people whose voices aren't usually heard and making charity involving, edgy and fun. Igniting Change (formerly Pilotlight Australia) is the fifth not-for-profit organisation Jane has founded, each with the aim of pushing the boundaries of social change. Comic Relief, better known as Red Nose Day, raised its billionth dollar last year! 


Jane's work has been recognised: in 1999 she was awarded a CBE for innovation in charity; in 2001 she was named by The Times as one of the top ten innovators in the UK; and in 2007 she was the 

Ernst and Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year. Jane has been a trustee of a number of organisations including Oxfam, the Media Trust, St James Ethics Centre, and the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Committee. She is currently a Director of the Reichstein Foundation, Virgin Unite Australia and Virgin Unite International. Jane is married to Charles and has three children, Sarah, Charlie and Sam.


Jackie Polonsky

Jackie provides part time administrative assistance and brings to Igniting Change her passion for justice and her experience from senior management roles within the airline industry.

Anne-Marie Sullivan

Anne-Marie is working with Jane for the third time, on all areas of Igniting Change. She has worked in change and project management, and loves the creativity and integrity of this organisation.


David Pledger

David is a contemporary artist who creates interdisciplinary works in the performing, visual and media arts. He is working with us part time on new creative projects.

Steph Exton

Steph works with community projects to identify areas of need and explore effective ways to support them.

Rosie Fletcher

Rosie has joined the team for a year to support our work with partner organisations.




Jane headshot

Jane Tewson.

Jackie Polonsky..




"Thank you for the dignified tenderness that I see in the team at Igniting Change."