Who We Are

Solid governance and independent funding enables us to take risks when backing outstanding people and organisations. It makes it possible for us to make cutting-edge investments that have a real chance of catalysing social change. We call this 'igniting change' and we love what we do.

Our Team

Kim-Katharina Bezemer

Works closely with Jane and is a jet. She helps makes sure we use our systems to support our work and has bought us into the 21st century, technologically speaking. She brings Bee the rescue dog to work with her.

Celia Hirsh

Our amazing podcast host and top notch volunteer.

Sarah Jessup

Pioneered our relationship with Lauriston Girls School and mobilised support and delivery of care and food packages during COVID-19 and we are not letting her go.

Sarah Lambert

Supports the team with data entry, and does loads of things to help out.

Dr Charles Lane

A consultant who does occasional work with us, evaluating projects and emerging issues.

Nicole Newton

Our strategic advisor, who helps make sure what we say lines up with what we do, and helps us get where we’re trying to go.

Jackie Polonsky

Keeps everything ticking along, administratively speaking. Jane sees her as the glue that holds the place together. She works with the agencies we walk alongside and keeps our internal processes humming.

Jane Tewson

Founder and Director of Igniting Change. Jane is an innovator with a global reputation for inspiring individuals and organisations to work together for positive social change. She is ever-curious and drawn to the humanity and courage of people doing it tough.

My journey with Igniting Change has been about connecting people – feeling, knowing, learning, understanding, respecting, building bridges. It demands that everyone sits as equals….What you have created is an amazing, rare thing.”

- Jane Vadiveloo, Children’s Ground, Alice Springs

They trespass the boundaries often set by fear and tradition as more often than not, this is the most fertile territory for Igniting Change”

- Karl Lokko, former gang leader turned activist, poet, influencer and public speaker

Our Board

Jane Tewson CBE

Founder Charity Projects, Co-Founder Comic Relief (better known as Red Nose Day), Founder Timebank, Founder Pilotlight UK, Pilotlight Australia and Igniting Change. Jane is Trustee of Virgin Unite Australia and a Non-Executive Director of Talent International.

Major Paul Moulds AM

Director Salvation Army Services - Auburn area; Board Member Foodbank NSW. Having worked for over 20 years with marginalised people, Paul is recognised for his expertise in the design of innovative social programs and his deep understanding of the needs of disadvantaged Australians.

Mark Gilmour

Free-spirited founder of Rising Brightly. Former CEO of 'stealth' start-up and Global Brand Director, Virgin Group.

Darren Heveren

Managing Director TGS Partners P/L Chartered Accountants; Director TGS Partners Wealth Management P/L; Director, Authorised Representative WealthSpan; Director The Good Business Foundation.

Peter Scott

Chair, Igniting Change Board; Member of the Senate of University of Sydney; Non-Executive Director Transurban Group; Non-Executive Director of Centuria Heathley Limited.

Nick Murray

CEO, Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder.

David Trewern

Founder and CEO, Fliteboard. Advisor, investor and innovator.

Michael Bird

CEO @ urban.com.au & Non-Executive Director @ Social Garden, Snaplistings.com & Igniting Change

Linda Fox

Grants Manager, Planet Wheeler Foundation and Executive Officer, Partners For Equity. Previously General Counsel & Company Secretary, Cooper Investors; and corporate and finance lawyer in Sydney and London.

Margaret Thorpe

Manager Sacred Heart Community Residential Services.
Providing support services for younger people who may have experienced homelessness, trauma and who live with mental illness. Since arriving in Australia from Zimbabwe, she has worked as a nurse and midwife in rural and remote communities.

Radek Sali

Former CEO and partner of Swisse Wellness. Now Chairman of Light Warrior, a Director for Made by Cow, Hydralyte, myDNA, Stratosphere and wanderlust. Radek is also the Chairman of the not for profit Lightfolk Foundation and Food and Wine Victoria, Hawthorn Football Club Director, The B Team member, the National Institute of Integrative Medicine Director and a Campaign Cabinet member for Latrobe University.



Sir Richard Branson, Suzi Carp, Peter Cooper and Suparna Bhasin, Ian Darling, Benjamin Duncan Foundation, The English Family Foundation, Jess and David Frid, Paul and Jane Hallam, Laini Liberman and Ben Rozenes, Light Warrior, Talya Masel, Andrew Mellet and Hayley Chard, Lizzie Murray, Rob and Clea Philpot, The Prior Family Foundation, Tracey Ryan, The Spotlight Foundation, Tom Snow and Amy Tennent.  

Our supporters include

Ajaz Ahmed, Andrew Anastasios, Arnold Bloch Leibler, Mim Bartlett, Peter Cooper and Suparna Bhasin, Matt Berriman, Wendy Bonnici, Sarah Brockhoff, Jasmine Brunner, Nick Brunner, William Buckland Foundation, Morena Buffon, George Calombaris, Barry & Suzi Carp, Nicky and Brandon Carp, Sarah Carter, David & Karen Cheah, Santo Cilauro, Caroline Cresswell, Convic, Peter Cooper, Cooper Investors Philanthropy Fund, Jennifer Cummins, Ian Darling, Katie Dewhurst, Richard Earl, Natalie Elliott, Allan & Tessa English, Equity Trustees, Amanda and Justin Feenstra, Martin Flanagan, James Fox, Linda Fox, Sasha Gance, Allison Gibson, Mark Gilmour, Tom Gleisner, Sandy Grant, The Grosvenor Foundation, Belinda Gruebner, Paul and Jane Hallam, Hardie Grant Books, Have You Been Paying Attention, Herbert Smith Freehills LLP, Michael & Celia Hirsh, Brooke Horne, HotDoc, Peter Houghton, Ben Hurst, Mariam Issa, Emmanuel Jal, Sarah Jessup, Adem Karafili, Kon Karapanagiotidis, Danielle Keighery, Kate Kloss, KOGO, Andrew Knight, KPMG, Charles Lane, Jo Lane, Lauriston Girls School, Kathy Lantouris, Lauriston Girls School, Ben Lilley, Geoff Lloyd, Alice Macdougall, Macquarie Foundation, March Studio, Andrew and Hayley Mellett, Mary Muirhead, Adrian Nathanielsz, NED’s Distillery, Amy Newling Ward, Jean Oelwang, Simon and Tina Oxenham, Ghadir and Melissa Razuki, Paul Reardon, Sonja Reja, Lee Ridder, Sarah Robinson, Ros & Richard Rogers, Greg Rose, Diamond Rozakeas, Tracey Ryan, Ryan Cooper Family Foundation, Jane Rowe, Radek & Helen Sali, Shark Island Productions, Social Garden, Jason Spiteri, The Spotlight Foundation, Karson Stimson, Tim & Kimberley Swann, Jane Sydenham-Clarke, Talent International, TBWA Melbourne, Amy Tennent, TRIBE Management, Jane Vadiveloo, Hayley Van Summeren, Virgin Australia, Virgin Unite, Ian & Penelope Ward-Ambler, We Are Digital, Jacqui Webb, Phil Weickhardt, Kimberlee Wells, Kit Willow, Elina Wilson, Tania Wolff, Working Dog Films, The Colman Foundation and many more.   Thanks to each and everyone and to anyone we may have missed.