At Igniting Change we are moved by the humanity and courage of the people we work with. Through them we see their world. It is through this lens we have created SMALL WAYS TO SHAPE OUR WORLD, (brilliantly curated pro bono by the team at TBWA).  It is a thought-provoking, conversation-starting book, a powerful reminder that there is more to life than what you see. That people are more important than labels. That little things can have an enormous impact.

For 30 years Jane has listened to, “I just want to be heard – why is it that people continue to talk about us without us?” We want them to be heard too and this little book has been created to inspire greater curiosity and empathy, in the hope that our community starts being a little bit kinder to one another. As one of Jane’s favourite pages in the book says, “The art of listening is about not speaking.”

You can see some sample pages below. SMALL WAYS makes a perfect end-of-year gift with purpose. 

Books are $10 each ex GST, to order please visit www.smallways.org